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Enjoy-SP Mod

Single Player and Co-op Mod: Better drops, faster leveling, ladder-only content, always-open Cow level

This mod is devoted to people who want to enjoy the single player mode to the full extend. This is mainly achieved by increasing the overall drop rates of unique, set and rare items as well as runes. Also, the drop rates of very rare items such as Tyrael’s Mightor high runes have been adjusted to a reasonable degree. Bosses in particular received an independend increase of their dropchances for unique items, thus are more satisfying to slay. Some Boss-drops were altered to fit certain themes. All ladder-only runewords and unique items were included. Furthermore The Secret Cow Level is now always accessible, even if the Cow King was slain.A more fluent gameplay is provided by adjusting the experience gain on higher levels — so no more hard grinding after the 80s. The Stash size has been increased and gambling got a higher chance of getting uniques and sets. And many more changes.

The goal for this mod was to enable all the Diablo-content for the single player while keeping the «vanilla-feeling». This mod emphasizes on the distinction between Drop-Mods such as «The Perfect Drop Mod». It is not the goal of this mod to rain-down uniqueson a player. It rather wants to give a player the opportunity, or better, the possibility of exploring the full content of the game in one go,without losing its core mechanics. So if you want to play a single player session and want a realistic chance of actually gettingunique items like Tyrael’s, Windforce or Grandfather, then this mod is for you. It is of course not guarenteed that you will find allof the items the game has to offer, but it is certain when played multiple times!And combined with the PluGy Mod, it is even possible to challenge the Uber Bosses!

This mod is also fully functional with TCP/IP local multiplayer and works with the newest version of the game (1.14d).

Who is this Mod for?

This Mod is for you, If you are a person…:

  • …with not a lot of time on your hands.
  • …who doesn’t want to MF run for weeks to get something interesting.
  • …who doesn’t want to specifically wear weaker MF-equipment instead their cool stuff.
  • …who wants to play Diablo II with your friends again «for nostalgic reasons».
  • …who always wanted to use the low level uniques and beat Andariel with it.
  • …who wants to find his own runes and finally build that one RW you always wanted.
  • …who wants to try out the builds they always wanted.
  • …who simply wants to enjoy your favorite game once again.

This Mod is not for people…:

  • …who wants multi player like drops.
  • …who wants to play the game for months to grind the runes and items they want.
  • …who doesn’t like the idea of bosses drop more than 3 uniques.
  • …who prefere an even higher drop rate (like Perfect Drop Mod).
  • …who wants a complete new Diablo experience (new bosses, new level).


1. Copy the «data» folder into your Diablo II main folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II)2. Create a shortcut of your Game.exe and add «direct -txt» (without the quotes) to your path, so it looks like this: «C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II\Game.exe» -direct -txt3. Start the game with the new shortcut and enjoy your single player experience!

P.s.: if you want to play the normal version just start the game via the original shortcut.


This mod is fully compatible with PlugY. In order to get them both to work you have to do the following steps:

1. Downgrade your Diablo to 1.13 (or any version you prefere which works with PlugY).2. Install the Enjoy-SP Mod by moving the data folder into the PlugY Mod folder (not the original D2 folder!)3. Use the PlugY shortcut or create one from the PlugY.exe and include the -direct -txt to the path target that leads to your PlugY folder.4. Enjoy your Single Player Diablo II


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30 Декабрь 2019

List of Changes

General Changes

— All ladder-only rune words and uniques are enabled.- The Secret Cow Level is now always accessible, even if the Cow King was slain.- The Cow King was replaced by a new Boss (The Cow Chieftain).- Experience gain on higher levels is now increased, starting from level 70.- The required level of unique items has been reduced to use them a bit earlier in the game- Gambling: Increased the chance of getting uniques, rares and sets- Stack size of Books increased to 50- Stash size increased from 48 spaces to 100

Item Drop

— A general decrease in junk-drops- Increased general drop rate for Uniques by ~300%- Increased general drop rate for Sets by ~500%- Increased general drop rate for Rares by ~150%- Massively increased the drop-rates of runes, especially of high-runes- Adjusted the ratio of getting uber-rare items- Chests are less likely to drop junk- Super Unique Monsters (like Rakanishu e.g.) are far more likely to drop set-items- Increased drop-rate of unique monsters- The item-level and the required-level of 80+ weapons and armors were lowered, to increase the chance of them dropping before level 80


— Heavily increased drop-rates for the 5 Act-Bosses- Doubled the amount of gold drop off of bosses- A Mini-Boss class was included. They have a high chance of rare and unique drops but drop significantly less than Act-Bosses.- Monster of the Mini-Boss class are: -> Act 1: Blood Raven, Griswold, The Smith, The Countess -> Act 2: Radament, The Worm, The Summoner -> Act 3: The 5 Council members -> Act 4: Izual, Hephasto, the 3 Seal-Lords -> Act 5: Shenk, the 3 Ancients, Pindleskin, Nilathak- Altered the drop-rates of the 5 super unique monsters in the throne room of Baal- All three Ancients now drop items

Cube Recipes

— Removed Hel-Rune from the de-socked recipe. New recipe: 1 Town Scroll + Socketed Item (destroys gems).- Removed the gems from the rune upgrade recipes: *Up until Pul: 3 of the same runes = next rune *After Pul: 2 of a kind + jewel = next rune- 1 Town Scroll + 1 Scroll of Identify = Token of Absolution- 1 Perfect Gem + 1 Unique Item = 1 socket for that unique item- 1 Perfect Skull + 1 Set Item = 1 socket for that set item

— Socketing normal and superior items:

  • 1 socket: 1 perf gem + norm or sup item
  • 2 socket: 2 perf gem + norm or sup item
  • 3 socket: 3 perf gem + norm or sup item
  • 4 socket: 4 perf gem + norm or sup item
  • 5 sockets: perf.skull + unique ring + norm or sup item
  • 6 sockets: 2 perf.skull + unique ring + norm or sup item
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