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Accuracy and Dispersion

Standard Deviation Diagram

Every shot you take is dispersed randomly around the center of your aiming reticle, i.e. you will not necessarily hit exactly where you aimed. The actual dispersion amount is based on a Gaussian (normal) distribution curve and depends on your gun and the turret it is mounted to.

Gun Accuracy

The accuracy value for a gun is given in meters at a range of 100m. The lower the value the more accurate your gun is. The value describes 2 standard deviations σ from the center of your aim. In other words, for a gun with 0.32m at 100m, 95.45% of all shots will land within 0.32m of the center of your aim at that distance. Dispersion amount increases linearly with distance, i.e. 0.32m effective accuracy at 100m translates to 0.64m at 200m and 1.28m at 400m

Aiming Circle

The aiming circle, also called dispersion circle, dispersion indicator or reticle, describes the area of 2 standard deviations σ from the aim point. Based on a purely normal distribution that would mean that 4.2% of your shots would fall outside of the aiming circle. They are moved to the edge of the circle, so they dont fall outside. However, there is a minor ammount of 0.2% of shots that lands outside the circle.

Accuracy Penalties

The accuracy discussed above applies is the best case scenario. During actual game play several factors can come into play that result in a penalty to your accuracy:

  • Dead Gunner: If your Gunner gets knocked out the Gunner’s skill will be set to 0% for the purposes of calculating the accuracy . The effect is mitigated if the Commander has the Jack of All Trades . The effect is removed if the Gunner receives first aid via a consumable. See the Crew page for more information.
  • Gun Damage: A damaged («yellow») gun typically fires with halved accuracy for as long as it remains damaged.
  • Shooting: With each shot you take your accuracy temporarily gets reduced dramatically depending on the vehicle type, but your Gunner will immediately start aiming again.
  • Turret Rotation: Rotating the turret results in a temporary accuracy penalty. The exact amount depends on the installed gun and the speed you rotate the turret at.
  • Vehicle Movement: Moving your vehicle forwards or backwards temporarily reduces accuracy. The exact amount depends on the installed suspension and the speed you are moving at.
  • Vehicle Rotation: Rotating your vehicle left or right temporarily reduces accuracy. The exact amount depends on the installed suspension and the speed you are rotating at.

With game version 0.7.2 several crew and have become available to reduce most of these penalties.

Aiming Time

The aiming time listed for each gun (in a specific turret) describes the time it takes for the aiming circle to shrink to a third of its size. However, most of the penalties described above increase the aiming circle by a factor bigger than three, which is why fully aiming the gun typically takes longer than the listed amount of time.

Client vs Server

When you fire a shot, your shell trajectory is first calculated based on the data the client has. It is later updated with the data confirmed by the server. If the difference was big, then you may see shell tracers leave your barrel at an angle or change flight path mid-trajectory.

It is unclear whether only the aiming point or also the dispersion of the trajectory around this center point is corrected based on server data. At least in v0.7.1, if you watch a replay, you can notice that each time you play it, your trajectory will be slightly different. This indicates that either dispersion is not synchronized between client and server, or that it is during a battle but that data is missing in the replay files. In any case, currently replays cannot be used to find out where your shot went exactly.


If you take module damage during battle, your crew will instantly start repairing it by restoring a specific amount of hitpoints to the module every second. The actual amount that gets repaired every second depends on the specific module itself (not just its type) and the of your crew.

Your crew will only repair a damaged module just enough to make it operational again, i.e. it will remain in «yellow» or damaged . The exact amount of hitpoints this state represents depends on the specific module as well.

To get a module fully operational again and restore all of its hitpoints to it during battle you must use a consumable. The is bought for credits and allows you to repair one module during the battle (starting from patch 0.7.4 both tracks can be repaired at once if they are both damaged). The costs either gold, or, starting from patch 085, credits, and fully repairs all modules that are damaged at the time you use it. It will also provide a bonus of 10% to the crew’s repair speed unless consumed.

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