Fv215b (183)


Вот тут все перевернулось на 180 градусов. Орудие не блещет точностью, скорострельностью. Промах стоит очень дорого. В первых рядах нам находится противопоказано в связи с тем, что брони особо нет. Артиллерия тоже любит в нас пострелять. Лучше всего танк чувствует себя на городских картах, однако после выстрела что делать 30 секунд? Еще очень существенно влияет на геймплей заднее расположение башни. В целом скажу так, танк для очень опытных игроков. Это вам не универсальная семерка (ИС-7) на которой можно играть 10 разными способами, хоть как СТ или ПТ. Машина очень зависит от команды, да и команда от нее, ведь она способна наделать таких дел …, но только в грамотных руках и под прикрытием. Я очень советую кататься взводом, рандом он такой себе рандом …

Про балансный вес говорить я думаю тоже не стоит. Мы всегда в топе и стреляем в таких же топов как и мы =)


Ну что сказать про орудие? Вы сами все видите. Орудие имеет огромные показатели пробития и урона. Особенно завораживает невероятный урон фугасами с пробитием 275!!!  — арта нервно курит в сторонке. Только представьте выехавший на вас ИС-7, получивший плюшку и заехавший обратно с 400 оставшимися ХП – зрелище. Даже не обязательно пробивать противника. Выстрелил в башню Т110Е4 и снес 600 ХП с 4 критами и 3 контузиями)))) Конечно расплачиваемся мы огромной скоростью перезарядки – 2 выстрела в минуту.

Двигатель хороший, достаточно мощный для этой машины. Конечно, летать с ним мы не будем, но и ползать как на AT тоже. В целом нормальный двигатель. Пользуемся тем что дали, ведь выбора нет))

Ходовая тоже достаточно хорошая. 32 градуса в секунду – очень хороший показатель. Больше, я думаю, нам и не нужно, сводиться успевать не будем.

Радиостанция тоже на уровне. Самая мощная из всех британских ПТ, да и не только Британских. Мало вообще ПТ 10 уровня имеют такую радиостанцию.

Ну и еще 1 такая маленькая деталь о которой я забыл – башня. Как то непривычно после серии АТ …  Ну что про нее сказать? Бронирование на уровне, даже больше чем на уровне, скорость поворота так себе, но вот обзор нормальный. Короче пользуемся тем что дали.  

Anti-IS QF L4 gun and its variants

In order to meet these requirements, the designers had to find a much more powerful gun than the L1A1. The British didn’t bother with the small stuff and went right up to a caliber of 7.2 inches (183 mm). Using such a powerful caliber was no accident. This new gun was based on the 183 mm BL 7.2 inch Howitzer, which was developed from 8-inch howitzers dating back to World War 1. Initially, the howitzer had a barrel length of 22.4 calibers, but later versions of the howitzer extended the barrel length to 33.1 calibers. Unfortunately, even this extension was not enough to fight Soviet tanks.

In 1950, work started on the QF L4 gun, the most powerful tank gun in the world. The gun weighed a little under 4 tons and had nearly 87 tons of recoil force. In order to clear the fighting compartment of propellant fumes, the gun had a fume extractor fitted. Only one type of shell was planned for this gun: HESH (High Explosive Squashed Head). Not only is the caliber of the L4 stunning, but also the weight of the rounds. The propellant was separate from the shell, but this didn’t make the loader’s job much easier: the mass of the shell was 72 kg, and the mass of the propellant was 32.8 kg.

The 183mm was tested in live fire trials against a Centurion and a Conqueror. In 2 shots, the 183 blew the turret clean off the Centurion, and split the mantlet of the Conqueror in half.

On November 9th, 1950, the War Office held a meeting to determine what vehicle this super-powerful gun would be placed on. The meeting resulted in four variants:

A fully armoured fighting machine (effectively a tank) with a fully rotating turret.
An SPG with powerful front armour, but a limited traverse angle.
An SPG with a fully rotating turret, but thin armour.
An SPG without armour.

Variant 1/2: FV215

The contract to develop the first variant went to Morris and was later transferred to Vickers-Armstrong. The chassis of the heavy FV200 tank was used, with the suspension from the heavy FV214 Conqueror tank. The project had multiple names: Heavy Gun Tank No.2, Heavy Anti-Tank SP No.2, FV215 Heavy Anti-Tank SP No.2 or simply FV215. The index Heavy Gun Tank No.2 was incorrectly interpreted by historians, resulting in a mythical project called FV215B. In reality, all these indices pointed to the same vehicle armed with the 183 mm L4 gun.

This project combined the first and second variants. Theoretically, the turret could rotate fully, but the gun was limited to firing within a 90 degree arc. The turret was placed in the rear in order to prevent the huge barrel from sticking out too far. The ammunition capacity was only 20 shells. The rate of fire of the tank was supposed to reach 6 RPM. but whoever set that requirement was a hopeless optimist. The size of the turret did not allow for a loading mechanism, and loading that quickly by hand was not possible. Aside from the gun, the tank had two machineguns. One was a coaxial Browning .30 Cal. (7.62mm) machine gun, supplied by 4000 rounds. It was mounted in a small structure on the forward right of the turret roof. The other machine gun was an .50 cal (12.7 mm) M2HB on an AA mounting above the Loader’s hatch, on the right rear of the turret.

The 65 ton vehicle was supposed to accelerate to 31.7 kph. In order to achieve this, the tank would have an 810 hp Meteor Mk.12 engine. As for the armour, it kept changing throughout the development process. The thickness of the upper front plate varied between 125 and 152 mm, the sides were 50 mm thick (plus spaced armour). As for the turret, the specification was only for the front, which was 254 mm (10 inches) thick.

Compatible Consumables

Pros and Cons

  • Highest alpha damage in the game— 930 with AP rounds and 1300 using HESH or HE
  • Decently mobile
  • Decent at sidescraping
  • Frontal armor and upper hull can bounce shots when angled
  • Armour is enough to not be penned by HE
  • Reverse speed is very bad (9 km/h) considering that when you have an 18 second reload, you’re going to be doing a lot of reve
  • Accuracy at 0.40 is terrible
  • Aim time is especially slow
  • Turret only has a 45 degree range to either side
  • Lowest ammunition capacity in the game (12)


The FV215b (183) is commonly called the «Death Star» by players for its giant gun, which features greater alpha than any other tank in the game. The 183 with it’s premium HESH shells will have no difficulty 2-shotting tier 9 meds and even some heavies with high rolls. However, the gun is very dependent on one immeasurable factor. Luck. HESH shells need to hit primary armor to have a chance to penetrate and deal full damage, as tracks and spaced armor will detonate the shell prematurely. And even with a penetrating hit, the HESH shells have massive damage range, and can hit from anywhere between 300 and 1600 damage. It is highly recommended you take the time to aim HESH shells unless you are willing to accept missing weakspots and hitting for ~500 damage every shot. If you don’t want to roll the dice with HESH shells, the AP rounds are a reliable choice. The (183) has the best AP round penetration in the game with 310mm of penetration, and it still features a respectable 930 damage per shot. All of this firepower however, comes at the cost of up to a 23 second reload time, during which the (183) is highly vulnerable.

The low ammunition capacity of a mere 12 rounds will be a highly limiting factor, and care must be taken to avoid running out of one type of ammunition, or even running out of shells entirely. Choosing an ammo loadout wisely is highly recommended (8 AP rounds and 4 HESH rounds is a good choice)

The armor on the (183) isn’t the best. While the hull armor is comparable to the Conqueror, it’s not as well sloped and tier X guns will penetrate it with ease. The turret, unlike in the PC version, is fairly weak, and overall the armour profile makes sidescraping difficult. As a result of it’s poor armor, the 183 is most comfortable sniping from a distance where the enemy can’t shoot back, and the 183 can safely reload.

The mobility, while workable, still isn’t very good, but is adequate for taking early game sniping positions, or keeping pace with heavies, unlike the Tortoise’s atrocious speed limit of 20km/h.

Early Research

No research, the grind is done!

History for this tank not found


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